In My Grocery Store
Location: Montreal/Canada
I was young, dumb, desperate for a job
four years later i just call it being stuck
stuck in the system, struck with this luck
since nobody listened i shut the hell up
i did my shifts, caressed your tits
oops wrong song back it up a little bit
collected slips till the tax men came
reached down in my pocket,took half of what they gave
and i just got paid, man life is getting tough
poker every monday just trying to make a buck
and i never hit the flop, my poker face sucks
so im up the next morning, my yellow shirt tucked
scan, bag, scan a little more
they put me in the front 4 to 7 like a troll
when its time to go i get my coat and leave
feels good to be home but ill be back next week


In my grocery store x 6

And theres no shifts for all these kids
40 years old, too late to get rich
so they stay in the ditch and put up with this shit
day in and day out till the managers quit
and the customers bitch about how they insist
to get proper service or else they gon' split
and then we just flip, get another complaint
your an adult sir, show some restraint
show how you make more cash in a day
then us in a week and you flaunt in our face
i guess were behind if life was a race
behind on the bills, behind on the change
behind cause i wait for the day of my raise
to pay for my classes and bring up my grades
i do what i can cause i dont wanna stay, and i wont
they say its never too late


And im still broke, still in this boat
thats tilting and turning its grabbing my throat
but no i wont choke man i'll never let go
of my dreams of my future i can't let 'em go
if i do then im stuck in this place till im old
im layin my cards on the table i fold
its all just a test , to check if im strong
if i do then i failed my chances are gone
so i keep it cool i keep its on the low,
if i said how i felt this whole place would explode
it would go up in flames for the lives that it stole
and holds to this day, you cant save them no more
so i chose to escape but i cant seem to leave,
4 years is enough of this shit so i flee
and i breathe in relief when im gone but you see
the store has me cursed its forever in me

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