Charlotte Forbes
Slow Down
R&B music
Location: Vancouver/Canada
Slow Down

Written and recorded by Charlotte Forbes, with instrumentals by Chris Chok and violin by Charlotte Forbes. Produced by Jamie "Preme Diesel" Kuse, Creativ Music Centre, Vancouver.

-Verse 1
I know I’ve been up-tight lately, I’ve been busy running around
I’ve tried to slow down a little, but time’s been pressing me down
I’ve tried to cut every corner, and outrun every traffic light
But no matter which way I turn, I always hit a stop sign

Then I try to turn away, wish I’d run a different way
Realize all my mistakes…and give myself the blame

Then I hear a river flowing
It's splashing the rocks to the shore
I want a moment to listen some more
It reminds me of the beauty of life
With all I’ve held inside, I couldn’t have enjoyed a moment I cried
But all I need is a minute…to slow down

-Verse 2
Too many minutes passing, I’m staring at the hand of the clock
Watching every tick it’s making, wishing I could make it stop
There’s so much to do in my time, but no way could I do it all
And when I look at the big picture, I suddenly feel small

-Pre-Chorus 2
But my instincts are telling me, I’ve gotta let myself believe
Imagination is the key, to making myself free


The river’s path is always changing, it could never stay the same
It’s gotta find a way on its own, the rocks can’t stand in its way
I’ve gotta let go of my mistakes, and put a stop to the blame
‘Cause all that’s left to say is…Slow Down

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