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Bless This Home
Country music
Location: Picayune/United States
I never knew where I was headin
Someplace where no one knows me
Took a Greyhound bus going anywhere
Stopped in so many places
Saw me some scary faces
Got off in this ole town
Now look at what I found

Your love, your face
Never fails to take me to a place
Where I can let go
Where I belong

With your heart in my hands
We'll always have a safer place to land
Guided by love
And the Lord above
Shinin down to bless this home

When your job takes you away
I'm fine, I’m OK
It's not so far
I feel you close to me
No matter where we go or what we do
Baby, I love you
Anywhere, anyplace or time
I'll be yours and you'll be mine

Home is where my heart is honey
It’ll feed you, it’ll lead you home……..home
Just look at what we found

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