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Listen Baby (Intro)
Location: Dover Plains/United States
Verse 1

There ain't no mountain higher than me,every time that I speak you Listen Baby
Where ya spliff at? Get that,Hit that... Sit back and
Listen Baby
If you need me call me, You feelin lonely, I'm here to
Listen Baby
I'm the one to turn to, I'm kinda hard headed but I'll learn to Listen Baby
Lemme hold ya, Like I'm suppose ta, I jus hope ya
Listen Baby
I got one shot, This is what I do, I need you to
Listen Baby
You can see it in my eyes,I'm only gonna say it one time so Listen Baby
I need to let you know,we can set shit up,If I could getcha to Listen Baby


Aint no mountain high, Aint no valley low, Aint no river wide enough baby, If you need me call me, no matter where you are, no matter how far, Dont worry baby, Jus call my name and I'll be there in a hurry, you don't need to worry, cuz baby

Verse 2

There ain't no day I ain't puffin that haze, I got somethin to say so Listen Baby
I got the answer, I need a chance to explain, why can't ya Listen Baby?
I'll be there in a hurry, No reason to worry, cuz you know I Listen Baby
Everyday I ball,ain't no problem at all, if you call I'll
Listen Baby
Ya see I'm missin you, so I'm wishin you, Stop Look and Listen Baby
I heard what you said, I had to tell ya, I couldn't help but Listen Baby
And when I'm near you, I wanna hear you,girl Im here to Listen Baby
I gotta let you know that I need you, so I need you to
Listen Baby


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