Billy Scroggs
It's My Turn
Country music
Location: Tucson/United States
It’s My Turn
Copyright 2006
by W. Scroggs

Stuck in this nine to five
Wasting every ounce of drive
On someone else’s dream
Just makes me wanna scream
Had enough I’m checking out
Leave behind all these reasons for doubt
That keep a holdin’ me still
Ready to know how the journey feels

It’s my turn
Ready or not
Gonna chase my dreams with everything I got
Cause holdin’ back is
Something I’ve already learned
It’s my turn
The time is now
To take that chance and make it some how
Where I will see
My name in lights a burn
It’s my turn

Never thought I’d be
Still around trying to break free
From these border town lights
That has kept me here night after night
Well not gonna wait anymore
When everyone who’s gone before
Has found fortune and fame
It’s about time the world knew my name


Never wanna wonder what might have been
On my final day
So I ‘m gonna pack up this state of doubt I’m in
And nothing gonna stand in my way

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