Billy Scroggs
Hammer Down
Country music
Location: Tucson/United States
Hammer Down
Copyright 2007
by W. Scroggs

Miles and miles of open road
Driving as fast as this car will go
As I watch her hair blow in the wind
Radio plays her favorite song
Can’t help but smile as she sings along
Messing up the words time and time again
And it takes me back
To the very moment
This story begins

We were eighteen in my sixty-four
With a small block Chevy and four on the floor
We had big plans busting out at the seams
With twenty-five dollars and a tank full of dreams
We were young and breaking free
From this one-way town, with the hammer down

Three hundred horses underneath the hood
Running hard, but sounding good
As we go tearin’ up and down the one-o-five
She slides right over next to me
With an arm round my neck and her hand on my knee
And whispers “Boy, you sure can drive”
And those memories
Come racing back in
And man I feel alive

Chorus: (Like)

Ain’t it funny how life
Will through you curves, to slow you down
And you end up right back
In the same old town

Chorus: (Where you)
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