Bacon Band
One Left Hurtin'
Location: Covington/United States
I'm washed away ,between whiskey and beer and debts I'll never pay
I fell from grace and its writen in the signs of age all on my face
I guess its time for us to go our own way

Feeling as useless as tits on a hog
Can't seem to remember when things weren't going
I know it ain't my place but I just can't beleive
The only one left hurtin' is me

Better days come soon ,meanwhile I'm content to howl at the moon
Its just a means to an end ,but every time I'm done I've got to start back from "get" again
Sad when the dope mans your only freind


Story left untold ,too damned many twist and turns as it unfolds
Ushered in like sheep ,but the dams done burst and grazeland is much too deep
You can't satisfy the fat cats when theres nothing to eat

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