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Jom Pergi
Hip-Hop music
Location: Petaling Jaya/Malaysia
Jom Pergi

E yo party people U know how we do...
Its Natty-Darlin, Ife,my Man AU, for shizzle Babs (Haha)
We up for, set for this; down for this; what it is... A'ight
(Check it... Its a new south south)

I’m still ready to booze up till I can’t stand, party like I don’t send,
It’s ACIENT still popping off the hood like, who’s that?
I’m still the guy who’s given up to crack that, bash that, make y’all party till you’re fagged out
The way you shake it I pray you don’t break it
Cos if you break it, now I might go for Becky
She’s also sexy; she’s also got me yelling
Help me I heard it! Beck’s down to sex me
I’m down for good time, here to pop some booze man
Check out ma rules, drink on and get your groove on
Get some don perigon with some lil acid rum
I’ll show u how to do this son, get it popped when it’s hot
Baby come get it let me give you how you need it
I split gigs silly while the jockey keeps spinning
It’s AU for shizzle and nobody will be me,
Keep the gigs kicking cos no one here is sleeping.

Hook: (Ife)
Jom Pergi ke Clube dan Party (Let's go to the Clube and Party)
Jom Kita Menari (Let us Dance)
Jom Pergi ke Clube dan Party (Let's go to the Clube and Party)
Semua Kawanku (All my Hommies)

Here in club where we rock that spot;
We make the Ladies Scream (Oh)
Everybody Jump (UP)
Here in the Club, we don't Pull up our Pants;
We just Step like this, step like that;
So, Pick up your phone and Holla
Holla at your mama that you won't be back
till the break of dawn, coz the party will be
on till the Early Mornin'... HAhahaha
(And this is for you ROW')

Hook: (Ife)
Jom Pergi ke Clube dan Party (Let's go to the Clube and Party)
Jom Kita Menari (Let us Dance)
Jom Pergi ke Clube dan Party (Let's go to the Clube and Party)
Semua Kawanku (All my Hommies)

Baby Baby Baby lemmie explain to U…
The way I do my things here in the hood;
Me run things; things no run me;
This is the secret of my melody…
Coz when I step into the club;
See them chicks tripping for me;
They taking off them clothes for me
All the guyz… are beefing me;
Just becoz ama VIP;
Somebody tell me; How am I gonna survive this…

>>>Baby Girl<<<
As long as U are hear with me
>>>I don’t care<<<
I wanna make U feel the Heat…
Baby<<< Baby…
Gimmie that<<<
Don’t U ever take it Back….
I just wanna See U dance…
Omoge wajo (Shawty Come and Dance)

Hook: (Ife)
Jom Pergi ke Clube dan Party:- (Oh oh oh, )
Jom Kita Menari :- (Hey hey hey hey hey hey)
Jom Pergi ke Clube dan Party (Oh oh oh, Hey hey hey)
Semua Kawanku (OK, ahn ahn)

Well I don’t fink u’ve ever heard a sound like this before
I could do this shit but its my time im waiting for
Now that IFE as appointed me to do it,
This ma opportunity I cant afford to loose it.
Its about time I really I gotta learn malay
Negotiating with there fam and take there girl away
Malay girls are beautiful, we all know
But I still need a gurl im gonna call ma own
But still im burbling
Chicks still rocking it
But when I catch you there, oh gurl am unbuckling
Shaking that thing gurl makes me spending,
Even when know money left, I’ll be lending.
I don’t believe that im falling in love!
The way you walk, the way you talk, gurl im loosing it all
But they’ll be jealous when they see, ain't giving a f**k
You gat the front… and the back… baby gurl, watzup?

(Produced by Ozone Beats; Toxiq Entertainment)
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