Alternative Rock Heavy
Location: oceanport/United States
White boys in the Ghetto

Slick black leather dude got a knife in my boot ready to roll.
Hop in my limo if your looking for trouble I値l give you one helluva show.
When ya messin with the man then ya playing with ya life.
Better lock up your daughter better lock up your wife.
Eardrum breaker I知 a real soulshaker I知 a rockin machine yeah.
Gonna turn on your town to my big sound when I知 comin round then I知 gonna bring the house down.
Rolling like thunder gonna hit ya like a freight train.
Nows theres trouble and its heading your way
Yeah White boys in the ghetto.
Six string killer I知 a backseat thriller gonna rattle your cage yeah.
It痴 a jungle out here but you got to survive, I keep bustin my ass just to keep it alive.
Nows theres trouble and its heading your way.
Um White boys in the ghetto.
Mean bad mutha better run for cover I知 the king of the scene yeah.
When the bomb drops baby then you値l see my devastation.
Now im spreading my fire and im burnin up the nation. Yeah
What the hell is everybody looking at?
Um White boys in the ghetto.
White boys in the ghetto
White boys in the ghetto
Watcha gonna do ? when the man comes for you.
White boys white boys in the ghetto.

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