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Screaming for a Little More
Location: Philadelphia/United States
Hey! Whaddya say?
When you’ve got nothing to lose
You’ve got less to take away
Here we all are and life is a game we play
Even though most will tell you they don’t play that way

Take it from me
Don’t take a seat
We all lose some things along the way
I don’t see
What’s wrong with need
And I don’t believe in yesterdays
Pain and regrets come with everything

Somewhere a heart lies bleeding screaming for a little more
Somewhere salt water is drying up on a wooden floor
Somewhere a heart lies bleeding screaming for a little more
Somewhere somebody is needing and they’re locked behind a door.

Just keep on going, always pushing, never giving up
The next experience, the next pretense – I keep on pushing my luck
Here I stand with my heart in my hand – ready to clench my fist
My life is a ride – I keep it inside – Loving the way that I exist
Never knowing what I might have missed

Repeat Chorus

You say that you know all there is to know about me
But, you are not me, man! Repeat

You are not - you are not - you are not - you are not
You are not me, man!
You are not me, man!
yeah, yeah, yeah
And you can best believe that this is my world
It's my world
And you can all just come inside
‘Cause this is where we go for a ride…

Ad-lib to the end

© AJ Evans

This particular recording was done at home. I did all vocals, instruments, engineering, production and even the art work.
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