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Fading Into Forever (Full Version)
Location: Philadelphia/United States
I can sit totally aware and say nothing at all
While the world evolves and tries to solve
Any crisis it finds written upon the wall

The echoes of knowledge can come forth and display
Deep hidden thoughts
With the exception for a few who choose only to get caught

Fading into forever
With the passing of time
Forever never knows if it’s yours
Or if it’s mine
Fading into forever
Keeping an eye on the void
And shutting it all out whenever
I begin to get annoyed

I watch the world turn ever so slowly without fail
Through the universe
Feeling the pressure of depravity and
Living with its curse

The echoes of voices of people I used to know so well
Waiting and calling me back to Earth
Which was my personal Hell

Repeat Chorus

She just waits for no one and no one does finally arrive
Maybe twenty years too late but what the Hell?
She still survives
He’s stupid to the ways of the world
And is eluded by the whole thing
But the world knows when they have you is when they get you
Caught up in a cockring

Repeat Chorus

© AJ Evans

Written about my mother and my brother after his suicide.
All instruments, vocals, production and artwork by AJ Evans
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